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About Us

WE   ARE   NOT   A   FRANCHISE.             
We are a local, proud family owned & operated business!       

Welcome to Pizza Masters!
Our Pizzeria was founded in Hopewell Township, Pennsylvania in October of 1999. With
many years of experience in the pizza business and general business, we feel that we
 have gathered the knowledge and know-how to run the most customer friendly, efficient
 and convenient pizzeria possible. Over the years, we have identified the best secrets in a
variety of fields and combined the best recipes, ingredients and services into one pizzeria
that we feel will truly be a pleasure for customers to order from.

We are an independent pizzeria that offers a wide variety of pizza, calzones, subs, salads, 
appetizers & homemade desserts. We use only the finest meats and cheeses, and fresh
produce delivered daily. We feel that in order to be successful as a pizzeria, the customers’ 
wishes must come first. We feel that by serving our customers with a smile and respect, in
a friendly atmosphere while providing top quality food at great prices, we will create a bond
with our customers that will make it as enjoyable for you to do business with us, as it will be
enjoyable for us to serve you.

We appreciate your interest and look forward to serving you.

Ask about our fundraising program. We offer fundraiser cards or hoagie and pepperoni rolls.
We would love to work with you to help raise the money you need. 

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